Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Ransome

This resume looks a lot like a ransom note. More like a "ransome."

It would have been easier to write this with a jar of ink and a quill. 

The question is, why do prefabricated "projects" inevitably turn into disasters? I especially like the small 'b' in bACHELOR'S degree. 

Anyone have any answers?


  1. Abe,
    Always enjoyed your work when I edited the Torrington paper. It amazes me that they would cut someone whose work was so reprintable around the chain.

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  3. Hi Abe. What did you use to create this? I agree the fonts are wacky and would not want to circulate this until it's perfect.

    Have you considered using Google Documents for your resume? You can choose the "publish as Web site" option, which will generate a URL linking right to the document. Google Docs also has the advantage that anything you can create can be accessed from any online computer; you can even edit documents collaboratively.

    The drawback is that Google's browser-based word processor gives you limited formatting options, and it can be a little bit glitchy.